Fujian Dingli Stone Carvings Design and Research Institute

Fujian Dingli Stone Carvings Design and Research Institute, located in the capital of world stone carvings - Chongwu, Fujian. It was established in 2015, by Dingli Carvings Group. Aims to better promote and develop Chinese stone carvings culture, it is currently the first innovative design research institution in China that specializes in stone carvings culture.
The institute has gathered a team of experts who have long been engaged in stone carvings and architectural stone carvings research. At the same time, it has established long-term cooperative relations with professional art colleges such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, as well as professional designers of Taiwanese temples. It is always ready to provide new stone sculptures and architectural stone carvings for China and the world. 
Research and design direction: traditional, modern; stone carvings, architecture (ancient building); house (indoor), public (city sculpture, garden landscape) and other sculptures and architectural stone carvings.



Stone carving art handed down

Dingli Carving Group, founded in 1999, is a bearing and dissemination of stone carving art culture and creative enterprises.
Its "Dingli Stone Carving Design and Research Institute", "Dingli Art Museum", "Samadhi" brand and "asked Stone" Gallery.
The Group will strive to create more new era of public stone and architectural stone works for China and the rest of the world.
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